Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference

released by Banana Tapes September 2018 with exclusive thong / micro cassette.

On their 3rd album Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference, AC embodies the conceptual main character Ana Echo, a "female hysteric" who vocalizes past sexual trauma and abuse.  Staged in costumes designed by AC, Ana makes a critical gesture towards gender inequality, giving voice and agency to women and those who identify as queer and gender non-conforming.   

AC’s sound is rooted in 80's post-punk and synth-pop.  Straightforward lyrically yet whimsical, AC is influenced by queer theory and breaking down gender-norms to imagine a world outside the binary.


“With a project that is beyond doubt metaphorical in many arenas, AC Carter is highly influenced by the past, the future, and the past’s vision of the future, all wrapped up in their individualistic standpoint, iterating concept with a batty and quirky playfulness.”

Sunni Johnson, Wussy Mag 

That direction doesn’t just include the music. As the self-elected director of Lambda Celsius, the Birmingham-born artist dons multiple hats: musician, head writer, costume tailor, graphic designer, video producer. But it’s the performer in Carter that dictates every other aspect of the metaphysical troupe. Through that bundle of media, the artist can manifest the multitudes that compose their non-binary identity. Ana Echo carries the torch for the upcoming album Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference, with melancholic synth-pop that harkens to Carter’s ambiguous idols and repurposed objects of the domesticated female. But the next persona could transform everything.

Lee Adcock, Immersive Atlanta

The creative trajectory of Lambda Celsius over the past 10 months or so has been positively meteoric…Specifically, “Beauty of Indifference” and “Simulacra” are the type of catchy tracks that’ll catch the ear of casual listeners before drawing them into Carter’s world of deeply rhythmic, heavily heady music. Standout tracks from the dark side include the superb "Fashionable Linguistics" (co-written with murk daddy flex) and “PMMDMD.” For my money, at least on the night I’m writing these words, I could loop the EBM groove of “Time to Change History,” with its cinematic storm sounds and disintegration sound effects, for an hour and not get bored. So, yeah, it’s that good, y’all.

Gordon Lamb, Flagpole

Self Titled

Inspired by Low Life’s Black Album, Faith by The Cure, and Sulk by The Associates, Lambda Celsius dives into a dark moody tone in attempt to speculate sincerity and honesty through a virtual landscape…yet, still with qualities of cuteness and camp.

The title track, At Least You Make Me Feel, Lambda Celsius collaborated with DIY godfather R. Stevie Moore. Inspired by the play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, AC puts a different spin on “hell is other people” in relation to modern feelings of Stockholm Syndrome. How does one exit an abusive friendship? Do you literally have to move to another city? Maybe.


There’s something undeniably appealing about the dark vibes that permeate throughout the self-titled album from Ann Catherine Carter aka AC Carter aka AC aka Λ°C. For fans of the production style of late 70′s, early 80′s post-punk undertakings, this should feel right at home. It’s a wall of sound broadcast from a dark room, easily inspired by the likes of New Order bass tones and proto goth vocals. The lead track, “At Least You Make Me Feel”, features R. Stevie Moore (presumably on guitar) and certainly sets the template for the rest of the record."  

We Own This Town

"[Λ°C] bring[s] a different perspective to [their] music than you might get from someone who's focused solely on pop music — a very cool thread to have in your scene. As Carter has shifted focus from funky noise toward post-punk and electronic pop,  they continue to work with the idea of taking rigid, grid-like structures and bending them out of their manufactured shape and into something organic.  

Stephen Trageser, Nashville Creme