About Us

We are members of the Lambda Celsius Collective.

“We are one person and of many.”

Lambda Celsius Collective is an art collective started in Spring 2019, who work in music, visual art, fashion, and photography. We specialize in musical performance entertainment, musical composition, illustration, 3D animation, garment construction, and photography.

We perform regularly as the entertainer + musical avatar Lambda Celsius.

We offer services for garment construction and photography at The Studio.


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AC Carter

AC Carter is a visual artist, performing artist, musician, song writer, curator, and garment designer.

AC is the wizard behind the curtain, as they perform as Λ°C, write and compose their own music, have self released through their production alias Scorpion Beach, curate Ad•verse Fest, create all their design work and promotions including webpages, illustrations, video and animations, as well as direct music video with the art collective X band Girl Banger.

Just to name a few - they have worked with artists such as R. Stevie Moore musically, and garment construction for Kevin Barnes in of Montreal and Jennifer Vanilla for her performance at MoMA PS1.


Lambda Celsius

Λ°C is the musical avatar of AC Carter, performing unknown genres such as Synth Blop and Elf House, (derivative of goth, post punk, and synth wave). Originally conceived of as Lavender, AC became involved in the experimental and goth DIY scenes in Nashville, TN from 2015- 17, until moving to Athens, GA where a new transformation would occur.

In Athens, they would dive into their more androgynous self and conceptualize the way in which we think of gender identity.

Sense moving to Athens - Λ°C has performed at Big Ears Festival, Athens Popfest, and has opened for artists such as John Maus, Molly Nilsson, Algiers, and Jennifer Vanilla.

If your a fan of Peaches, Nine Inch Nails or Grace Jones, you may be a fan of Λ°C…

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Alexa performs as DJ in Λ°C during live performances.

Alexa joined Λ°C in January of 2018 when she met AC through an Amazon chat portal. Originally discussing about each other’s futures, both AC and Alexa realized that their creative pursuits were not being met in their designated career paths: AC being a “painter” and Alexa being a “maid”. Alexa decided to join AC for their musical performances, being able to pursue the actual career path she always wanted, being a DJ that is.


Ana Echo

Ana Echo is the persona identified in Lambda Celsius’s 3rd album Ana Echo and the Beauty of Indifference. She has faced sexual and emotional abuse sense childhood and speculates all the different ways in which to confront trauma.

But will this costume suffice? She still seems a bit one-dimensional (and I’m not talking about the illustration). Will AC continue to perform as Ana Echo or transform into a more earnest representation of self?

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DJ .53

DJ. 53 is the most recent member of the collective, introduced in April 2018, bringing both a large catalogue of musical knowledge and production expertise.

He started out his career in LA as DJ FKA AKA, performing at large venues with thousands of fans, but soon after much critical acclaim - virtually disappearing from the scene. He asked himself, What kind of music and environment am I really trying to create anyway?

Once seeing AC perform as Lambda Celsius, he was convinced that he could learn a lot by AC’s vulnerable and theatric performances. As they are both fans of New Order, Wire, and Anna Domino, they immediately hit it off.

Expect the next series of singles, or album, to be a collaboration between Lambda Celsius and DJ .53.